ABOYA  - The in vivo Continuous Monitor Company

ABOYA has recently been founded with the objective of developing its intellectual property in the field of continuous medical monitoring, and continuous glucose monitoring in particular.

The company holds patents and patent applications which support the development of two separate concepts, each of which has the potential to deliver a reliable, easy to use, pain and stigma free continuous glucose monitoring device. This presents an exciting opportunity to significantly improve the frequency, accuracy and reliability with which diabetes patients measure their glucose status, and thereby improve the health outcomes of millions of patients around the world.

ABOYA's full senior management team is already in situ, and brings together exceptional experience and relevant know-how to lead the development of the products and the company. A detailed business plan has already been prepared to initiate this task.

ABOYA currently seeks an investor prepared to support at least the first phase of Research and Development, which is ready to commence immediately. We believe that we can offer such investor an attractive rate of return.

Don't hesitate to contact us to learn more about this interesting business opportunity.