Intellectual Property Summary


ABOYA has exclusive access to a number of patent filings critical to the business objectives of the company.

Patent 1: “Blood glucose sensor and measuring method for determining the blood glucose level” (German patent number DE 102 12 140 and PCT patent number WO 03/07 7743), “Verfahren und Apparatur zur kontinuierlichen Messung der Konzentration von biologisch relevanten Analyten in vivo”.  This is a European patent application which describes the utilisation of a reflective disc-like structure to construct a glucose monitor. ABOYA has exclusive access to this patent application.

Patent 2: ABOYA is also the owner of two patent applications which have been filed recently with the European Patent Office: „Vorrichtung zur kontinuierlichen Aufnahme von Messwerten in vivo“ (EP 05 01 3056.6) and „Vorrichtung zur kontinuierlichen Bestimmung von Analyten“ (EP 05 01 3055.8). These documents describe the utilisation of a fundamental physical principle to construct a glucose monitor. We have no knowledge of any other approach to use this principle in building a glucose monitor. Also in the relevant scientific literature we have not found any idea regarding the use of this principle to measure the concentration of a body analyte. This is a complete new concept in this area.

Patent 3: ABOYA also holds the right to purchase further patent applications relevant to continuous medical monitoring from related entities. These comprise “Überwachungssystem” (DE 102 12 141; WO 03/079307), “Personenüberwachungssystem und dessen Komponenten” (DE 102 21 201; WO 03/094711) and “Generatorvorrichtung” (DE 103 40 873). These filings may prove to be useful in a second phase of development.

The ABOYA name has been secured as trademark with the German trademark office.

ABOYA also owns the Internet domains “ABOYA.COM”, “ABOYA.DE”, “ABOJA.COM” and “ABOJA.DE”.