ABOYA will bring real long-term acting and easy-to-use continuous glucose monitoring systems to the market. ABOYA will establish a pipeline of continuous monitoring systems and will create a family of ABOYA CGMs which will meet the different requirements of several user groups:

These different products will all rely on the same basic technology. Their main differences will be found in the peripheral co-systems, the so-called Secondary Modules, varying in their data transmission and interface capabilities, centralised and automated data analysis, automated prescription of therapy recommendations, long-term documentation, automatic alarm functionality, and supervision of patients with critical health conditions. For patients in hospitals who require supervision on a 24/7 basis ABOYA CGM Hospital will contribute to a more reliable control of their health status.

ABOYA will develop complementary services for the family of ABOYA CGMs. For each environment there will be a fine-tuned service package, consisting of suggestions for proven system configurations to exchange the data from ABOYA CGM with additional hardware including computers, PDAs, mobile phones, etc. and the required software to establish these configurations. For customers utilising several to many ABOYA CGMs at the same time (e.g. clinics and diabetologists) we will provide software support to automatically collect and analyse the data and connect them with the appropriate electronic patient files.